American Civil War Tournament


Required HPS Game:  Campaign Antietam, Chickamauga, Gettysburg or Shiloh

Union Army Commander - Mark Davis

Confederate Army Commander - Roy Purcell

Tournament Moderator - TWS Founder Mark Jones

Tournament Matchups and Results

Player Pairings for All Titles

2015 ACW Tournament Winners and Awards


Rules for 2015 ACW Tournament

The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWS event in which players can gather and engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our society.

Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein.

This tournament is intended to be a fun, social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in the TWS.

This tournament is designed to compare the skills of the Union officers versus the skills of the Confederate officers. The tournament will consist of a single round of play. One scenario, chosen by the paired opponents from the list below, will be played as a simultaneous, mirror matched game. This means that each officer will play both sides in the engagement. The officer scoring the highest combined total points from both games will be the winner of the combined battles. It is intended that this mirror matching process eliminate any possible advantage, real or perceived, that one side might have over another in any particular scenario. The total victory points of all battles played will be tallied for both sides to determine whether the Union Army, or the Confederate Army, are declared the overall winners of this tournament.

2015 ACW Tournament Scenarios
Game Title
Scenario Name
002 1BR_Bull Run (Historical)
Army of the Potomac vs. Army of NE Virginia
005 P_Perryville V.2 (Meet)
Army of the Ohio vs. Army of the Mississippi
Historical 1.1 Gettysburg - July 1, 1863
Army of the Potomac vs. Army of N Virginia
080 Jk_Battle of Jackson
Army of the Tennessee vs. Army of the Mississippi

Opponent pairings will be determined by the Union and Confederate Army Commanders, through alternating selection. It is intended that experienced officers will always be paired to play against other experienced officers, and less experienced officers will always be paired to play against other less experienced officers. The actual pairings will, however, be left to the discretion of the two Army Commanders, with the Tournament Moderator arbitrating any disputes.

Both mirror matched games for each pair of opponents must be completed within 150 days of the start date for the tournament. Because the outcome of the overall tournament is entirely dependent on the final scores obtained in these battles, all battles should be played to a conclusive resolution, i.e. Major or Minor Victory. The only time a Draw should be scored is when it is the final result after the completion of all turns in the selected scenario. In order to complete the tournament by the tournament deadline, players must be diligent in the turnaround time for their games. Should a player be deemed by the Tournament Moderator to be stalling in the hopes of avoiding a defeat, the Tournament Moderator reserves the right to award a Major Victory to his opponent for the engagement. The Society's Founders will be consulted before such a ruling is made. The respective Army Commanders will be informed of the final decision, but it is expected that they will maintain regular communications with their officers so that they are aware of, and can therefore correct, any potential turnaround problems before they rise to the attention of the Tournament Moderator.

All battles will be played with the Fog of War option selected and the Slider Bar set to dead center. To achieve consistency for all matches, only Optional Rules, i.e. those physically included in the game settings, will be used in the conduct of the battles. No other rules or restrictions shall apply to any of the tournament matches. Each pair of opponents will be allowed to discuss and negotiate the Optional Rules they wish to employ in thier engagements, but in the event they cannot come to a consensus, the following Optional Rules shall apply:

All officers completing both of thier mirror matched games to a conclusive resolution will receive a Tournament Ribbon as depicted below, regardless of whether they win or lose either, or both, of their engagements:

The officer with the highest composite score from each of the four game divisions, and each officer of the victorious army (i.e. Union or Confederate), will receive Medals for their fine achievements as depicted below:

2015 ACW Tournament Medals
2015 ACW Antietam Medal
2015 ACW Chickamauga Medal
2015 ACW Gettysburg Medal
2015 ACW Shiloh Medal
2015 ACW Army Championship Medal
Antietam Champion
Chickamauga Champion
Gettysburg Champion
Shiloh Champion
Army Champion

Each of the two mirror matched battles between opponents shall be registered in the Battle Record System individually for Officer Record purposes. For tournament purposes, the score of the first battle will be subtracted from the score of the second battle. The officer with the highest absolute value scored will be the winner of the division in which he participated. As an example, lets say that Player 1 scores +1,000 VPs while playing the Union side, and -1,000 VPs while playing the Confederate side. This would mean that he decisively won both of his engagements, assuming that a positive score for the Union and a negative score for the Confederacy are Major Victories. His total score would then be Abs[1000-(-1000)] = 2,000 VPS. If this is the highest total number of points earned in a particular division, that officer will be awarded the Tournament Medal for the division in which he participated.

The total number of victories for each army's officers will be scored with a Major Victory counting as 2 Points, and a Minor Victory counting as 1 Point. The army that scores the highest total points will win the Army Championship Medal for the 2015 ACW Tournament.

To facilitate the accurate scoring of the battles, one player from each of the opposing teams shall take a screenshot of the Victory Dialog representing the end result of each battle. This screenshot shall be emailed to the Tournament Moderator so that the results can be entered into the tournament scoring system. It is important that you clearly state which game title you were playing, as well as the side that each player was commanding in the engagement. The Tournament Moderator may be easily contacted by simply clicking on his name in the opening credits of this tournament webpage. The same is true for the respective Army Commanders.

The Tournament Moderator will act as an arbitrator in those situations where the opponents cannot agree, or where a rule requires interpretation. All decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances will be final and binding to all parties.

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