The Wargaming Society
Quarterly Dispatch
1 October 2018

Greetings from Headquarters,

The idea of this particular dispatch is to communicate to all our members about the various web pages of information within the Wargaming Society. We have links to information from Ancients to World War II throughout our website that you can find with a little exploration. This includes maps, historical information, videos, games, gaming tips, TWS Facebook, etc.

We encourage everyone and anyone who has not explored the various web pages though out all the eras. After doing so please let us know what you think and any ideas you may have things we can add or change.

Our main focus has and always will be having fun. We leave our conflicts on the computer battlefields and for the most part this has been successfully accomplished. We do not have so called house rules or encourage any kind of special rules as these seem to lead to disagreements leading to arguments. This is the reason tournament play will never have any special rules other the optional rules already built into the games.

This is a place for old men and not so old men to play games like boys leaving the real world far behind.

Our Battle Brigades and Tournaments set us apart from other computer gaming clubs.

We have Battle Brigades in our Age of Napoleon and American Civil War eras which encourage team play. Anyone can join these battle brigades simply by requesting membership.

To join the Tirailleurs et Dragons contact Bill Reaves or to join Bonaparte’s Bane contact Bill Cann.

To join the Blue Belly Brigade contact Mark Jones or to join the Grayback Brigade, contact Roy Purcell.

Playing a game with a partner or partners adds to the fun of the game play. You can also learn from each other or you can learn a great deal from a better player while having fun. Team play is great way to improve your gaming skills and make some new friends.

Tournaments add to the challenge of playing games and we try to make them fun for all. Win or lose they are fun and can be a learning experience. Tournaments are another way to get to know other members and improve your gaming skills.

We currently have two tournaments in progress; the first is the 2018 ACW Battle Brigade Tournament which is composed of fourteen teams of 2 members.

The second is the Age of Napoleon Eckmühl Brigade Tournament which started 1 October 2018. This tournament is also made up of fourteen teams of 2 members.

We have Games We Play web pages in each era that actually have information on each of the games we play. Our main focus has been JTS (John Tiller Software) which have been around for many years in one form or another. These games are the games we feature in our tournaments and battle brigade games. JTS has supported our tournaments with game prizes and reduced pricing on the game featured in tournament play.

We have recently added Matrix/Slitherine to the games we play and have added Matrix Games We Play web pages to the Wargaming Society.

You can explore all eras of games we play from here:

We are working on making the Wargaming Society easier to explore and access our many web pages, utilizing a pull down menu.

If anyone has any suggestions or something they would like added to our website we would be happy to hear from you. A post in the forum will get a quick reply and other members can see your suggestion.
We have some members moving up the ranks in our various wargaming eras and in the future we will be announcing them in future Quarterly Dispatches.

If you have not visited our historical battle videos take a look at this link which will give you access to all eras. We will be updating them with a few new videos soon. We are using links to Youtube, but have pulled them together for easy access.

Well that about wraps it up for this Quarterly Dispatch and we hope you find it useful.

TWS Founders