The Wargaming Society
TWS 5th Anniversary Dispatch
1 October 2019

Happy 5th Anniversary to The Wargaming Society

As hard as it is to believe, we are celebrating our fifth year of operation as The Wargaming Society. We may have experienced a few bumps along the way, but nothing that we couldn't handle. Our primary goal has always been, and continues to be, providing a comfortable, friendly environment dedicated to the study of military history, and wargaming reflecting those periods. We have held true to our commitment to respond quickly to our members concerns, questions, and needs. We lead all other online wargaming clubs when it comes to providing tournaments for the enjoyment of our membership. We have excelled in the provision of prizes to not only the winners of our tournaments, but also to those members who actively participated. TWS is not the oldest wargaming organization on the internet, but it is far and away the most responsive to the interests, needs, and personal enjoyment of its members. We provide a comfortable home to all online wargamers, not just those who are the most talented, influential, or vocal. Every member is special to us. We genuinely care for each and every one of you.

In the course of our first five years, we have developed an extensive website that surpasses most all of our rivals in the variety and depth of the subjects it encompasses. Our numerous web pages cover a broad range of military eras from Ancients to World War II and beyond. We have extensive links to videos, maps, articles, and gaming tips for the military eras that we support. We also have individual army pages for the various combatants, resplendent with units, ranks, medals, and ribbons. Each of our members has a command in at least one military era, and many have numerous commands across all of our military eras.

Unlike many other online wargaming organizations, the Founders of TWS have never asked for, or accepted, monetary donations of any kind, nor will we. TWS is a labor of love for us, freely undertaken for the benefit of our members without any expectations of recompense.

We certainly could not have accomplished any of this without the active participation of our members. Thank you to all who have provided information, input for our tournaments, material for our articles, and feedback on our performance. Thank you for choosing TWS as your online, wargaming home.

We would like to offer a special thanks to John Tiller Software for the many games they donated to us to use as prizes for our tournaments. Another special thanks is due to Roy Purcell, who provided a game prize at his own expense for one of our tournaments. And a very special thanks to Al "Battle On" Kling for the many games, books, and custom designed T-Shirts that were given away as tournament prizes at his own, personal expense, as well as to the extensive time he invests every day for the benefit of us all. A very special thanks is also due to Scott "Cats" Clawson whose pioneering vision to create a truly inclusive, online wargaming society, as well as his extensive work in developing and maintaining much of our elaborate system of webpages and records, established the core structure upon which TWS was founded, and upon which it continues to operate to this day.

We look forward to our continued, wargaming future together.

Thanks to all of you for helping make our dream a reality.

Sincerely, Mark "Der Jäger" Jones


Mark is the one who pays attention to detail.. Make sure things stay on the straight and narrow.. Follows up on problems and issues... His dollars keep our website online and running smoothly...

Battle On... Al

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