Hello All!

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Stuart Neale
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Hello All!

Post by Stuart Neale » 10 Jan 2021 18:14


I am Stuart, a dad of three, an IT Network Tech, gamer and of course a wargamer. My wargaming background if you wish to read..

My wargaming started out like probably most my age (40's..) with a certain game involving 7ft armoured soldiers in a far flung future where there is only war and of course, over a green covered table crying out 'glory to Khorne', this of course is Warhammer 40k or WFB. However, time, family life and time (did I say time?) forced me to play less and and less and eventually getting to a point were I would miss updates and of course friends moving onwards or away.

In those days I had no real interest in historical wargames :shock: but, I had always looked and tried to play wargames on my humble Spectrum (War of the Roses, Stonkers to name two) and moving onto RTS such as Command and Conquer on my Megadrive or Amiga.

Moving forward, a few years ago I made another attempt at entering miniature gaming, I tried but did not succeed to reenter, simply I could not be bothered starting again, HOWEVER in this time I did discover a miniature game Flames of War, that fired my interest in historical wargames and I twigged, there are miniature games out there on screen (it just happened, I don't know why I never thought of it earlier)! The games I started looking at were Sudden Strike (whichever version) and Commander The Great War, why have a regiment when you can control a nation! In a nutshell it went from there, I bought the original Field of Glory, and its add ons, FoG2 was released and quickly came another firm favourite of mine. With regards to Warhammer I still enjoy the background and I have it on PC; Armageddon and Total War, so I was happy again and no worries about losing dice or not having opponents!

So, hello, I will be lurking for a few days until I have games set up. I do have more games than I have registered here, such as a few Tiller games I need to locate. I am still 'new' to these and prefer to learn the hard way, by playing and swallowing my pride sometimes (losing)!

I am limiting the amount of games I am playing, especially at the moment with work, plus I also like to study the 'board' I am playing on, but I do aim to get turns out daily.

With that see you all on the field!

Best wishes,

Stuart Neale - currently signed into;
24th Inf Brigade - 1st Bn, the Sherwood Foresters
4éme Regiment des Huzzards

Mike Peccolo
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Re: Hello All!

Post by Mike Peccolo » 11 Jan 2021 01:07

Welcome Stuart, look forward to you one day placing an opponent wanted advert.
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Kirk Allton
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Re: Hello All!

Post by Kirk Allton » 16 Jan 2021 14:35


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