Forum Avatars - How to Add to Your User Profile

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Forum Avatars - How to Add to Your User Profile

Post by Mark Jones » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:20 am

Adding an avatar to your User Profile is quick and easy with the following steps:

1.) Search the internet and locate the image that you wish to use as your avatar.
2.) Edit your image as desired making sure that your final graphic does not excede the maximum characteristics of a forum avatar. (Max. Width: 200 pixels, Max. Height: 120 pixels, Max. File Size: 74k)
3.) Save your image to your hard drive.
4.) Login to your forum account in which you wish to install your new avatar.
5.) Select User Control Panel.
6.) Select Profile.
7.) Select Edit Avatar.
8.) Browse to select the desired avatar from your hard drive.
9.) Submit.

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