A Leave of Absence

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A Leave of Absence

Post by Mark Jones » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:24 pm

2nd Lt. Stan Kasper has been compelled to withdraw from the ACW Tournament and take an official Leave of Absence from gaming due to personal reasons. As a result, the call has been issued for another Union officer to take his place and fight beside 2nd Lt. Chris Hopper for the remainder of the ACW Tournament.

The grizzled Union Commander of the Blue Belly Brigade maintained his customary, stoic gaze as he listened to the sad news that a fellow, Union officer had been forced to withdraw from the field. He rolled the ever present stub of a cigar that he was smoking from one side of his mouth to the other as he silently contemplated the implications of what he had just heard. Removing the stogie momentarily, he downed the last sip of Tennessee whiskey that remained in his glass. "Well, I guess that settles it", he said to his ever present Confederate companion as he pushed back his chair and started to rise. "I suppose I will have to draw my sword to take up the fight against you Secessionists."

"Now don't be too hasty thar feller", said the Confederate Commander of the Grayback Brigade. "Jest sit back down an I'll buy you another round. I reckon thar will be a Yankee officer step up and take this fight directly. Sides, you can't fight in this battle anyways."

"Oh, that's right", replied the Union Brigadier as he resumed his seat beside his Confederate counterpart. "It's because I was involved in determining the disposition of the opposing forces. I cannot take up this fight for that reason."

"Sho nuff," replied the Confederate Major, "but thar is anutha more comeplling reason why you can't take up this fight."

"Really," replied the Union officer. "And what might that reason be."

The Confederate Commander chuckled as he refilled his Union companion's glass with another round of Tennessee whiskey. "It's because you are just too damn ugly ta be seen in public!"


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