South Mountain - A Grayback Victory

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South Mountain - A Grayback Victory

Post by Mark Jones » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:38 pm

The two Union officers entered the Bickering Brothers Tavern in the same manner as they often fought, together. The spurs on their heavy cavalry boots merrily jingled as they shed themselves of their damp overcoats that protected them from the rain. Hanging their coats on the pegs located near the door, they walked toward their usual table near the fireplace in the center of the room, their heavy boots clomping loudly on the hardwood floor. They paused for a moment as they passed a table where two Confederate officers were seated. Lying upon the table in front of the two Confederates, were a pair of swords. Union swords to be exact. Propped against the wall behind them were the furled Colors of the Grayback Battle Brigade. Silence prevailed for a few moments and the two pairs of officers stood eying each other. Ever so slowly, the Union General shifted the cigar he was smoking from one side of his mouth to the other.

Looking down at the swords on the table, he calmly said, "You boys do know that we are going to be wanting those back?"

The Confederate Lieutenants exchanged a grin before one of them replied, "Well General, suh, I reckon you know where ta come ta look fer um."

"Yeah", replied the Union General, "I reckon we do."

With that, the two Union officers proceeded to their table.

Well knowing the habits of her patrons, the beautiful barmaid set two clean glasses on the Union officer's table, along with an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey.

"Thank you, Sarah", said the Union General. "Please see to it that those two Confederate Lieutenants get whatever they want to drink tonight, and put it on our tab. They have certainly earned it!"


Congratulations to Doug Shaw and Ron Fulwell for becoming the first pair of Grayback Officers to achieve a victory over their Blue Belly opponents! Although they failed to capture the Blue Bellies Colors, they were successful in recovering both the honor and the Colors of the Grayback Brigade.

A salute to our valiant opponents!!


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