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2019-2020 Tournament
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Greetings Members & Guest,

Our Moscow 42 tournament has come to an end…We must admit the scenario selection could have been much better… That being said, we hope all those who participated had a could time and maybe made a friend on the other side of the battlefield…

We had 3 Officer end the tournament with 12 points each, rather than extend the tournament we are awarding each of them a Victory Medal…

Congratulations to David Earls, Stuart Wilson and Aldo Miccio...

The Axis Army also won the Army Victory Medal with 65 points vs 19 for the allies…

Congratulations to our Axis Officers…

All participants were eligible to win a game prize… The results of the drawing were as follows:

James Breckenridge – JTS Game
Duncan Rice – JTS Game

Ron Johnson – TWS T-Shirt
Daniel Cote – TWS T-Shirt
David Earls – TWS T-Shirt

We will contact prize winners by email...

The German Army has driven across the Russian plain winning battle after battle...
But the Russian Winter has closed in... The Russian Army pushed back to the gates of Moscow... As a the Russian Army Commander can you stop the German Army and drive them back... Or as the German Army Commander can you continue your army's advance through Moscow!

Greetings Members of the Wargaming Society and Guests...

Plenty of time to visit John Tiller Software to pick up a copy of the
Panzer Campaign Game - Moscow'42....

Link to:

Time to practice, time to study the scenarios, time to formulate your winning strategy and to have fun just getting ready for our World War II Tournament....



The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWS event in which players can gather and engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our society. Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein. This tournament is intended to be a fun, social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in TWS.


The Battle Begins 1 September 2019
The Battle Ends 10 November 2019

#a0707_01 Efremov: Hungarian First Blood(HTH)
20 Turns

Efremov - Jul 7th, 1942 to Jul 9th, 1942. 2nd Hungarian Army had only arrived in Russia early in July 1942 and was immediately sent to protect Heeresgruppe von Weichs extended right flank. The Soviet Bryansk Front was being forced back by the unrelenting German pressure, but the heavy industry and crossings over the River Mecha at Efremov required a more stout defence. Unfortunately for the Hungarians, the city was defended by 1st Tank Corp.


The Battle Begins 14 November 2019
The Battle Ends 6 February 2020

#a0122_02 Gluzino: Cutting the Neck(HTH)
24 Turns

Gluzino, West of Rzhev - Jan 22nd to Jan 24th, 1942. Shvetsov's 29th Army was preparing for the final push to capture Rzhev. The city's capture was overdue and the highway needed to be in Soviet hands to better supply 39th Army to the south. Shvetsov had the additional challenge of widening the breach in 9th Army's lines, or risk having all supply routes south cut.


The Battle Begins 9 February 2020
The Battle Ends 4 April 2020

#a0122_03 Sukhinichi II: We Will Rescue You(HTH)
24 Turns

Sukhinichi - Jan 22nd to Jan 24th, 1942. The Sukhinichi garrison had held out for over two weeks, despite constant Soviet assaults. Von Schweppenburg's XXIV Korps (mot) was pushing hard to relieve 216th Infantry Division and 18th Panzer Division was only a few kilometres away. In addition 208th & 339th Infantry Divisions were ordered to keep a corridor open so that the garrison and 18th Panzer Division had a safe route to fall back on.


All battles will be played with the
Fog of War option selected and the
Slider Bar set to dead center.
Opponent pairings will be determined by the moderator of the tournament.

All questions and any disputes will be handled by the Moderator with
all decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances being final and binding to all parties.

Brigadier General Harry Haines: Notes on the tournament, scenarios and optional rules...

The first scenario, Efremov, requires a successful early on river crossing, but is otherwise a straight defense versus offense operation Either side may achieve a MAJOR V or a MAJOR D depending upon player skill.

Both the other 2 scenarios are more complex, requiring a mixture of offense and simultaneous mobile defense by both players to achieve success. Either player may achieve a MAJOR V or a MAJOR D depending on how far out of the box the players skills can take them. A conventional straight up defense or offense proably won’t work!

DELAYED DISRUPTION REPORTING adds an additional level of “fog of war” to the game and helps to equalize players of differing skill levels.


The victor will receive the victory medal and all those members particiapting will receive ribbon... And all those participating will be awared double battle points based on the turns completed.

The army with the most points will be awarded the Army Victory medal. Everyone's game score impacts the outcome for the Army Victory Medal..


We are once again giving away a John Tiller Game of your choice...

Roy Purcell, a member from the very beginning of the Wargaming Society is providing the tournament game prize...

To be eligible to win this game you must have battled in all three rounds
(Played at least 10 turns in each round)

In addition to game we will be awarding 3 Wargaming Society T-Shirts


Daniel Cote - 4

Harry Haines - 4

Mike Stefanowicz - 0

Duncan Rice - 0

Ron Johnson - 0

Aloysius Kling Sr - 0

Roy Purcell - 0

Ed Blackburn - 0

James Breckenridge - 0

Andrew Boustouler - 4

Robert Ciolek - 4

David Earls - 4

Stuart Wilson - 4

Aldo Miccio - 4


Daniel Cote - 4 Points

Harry Haines - 0

Mike Stefanowicz - 0

Duncan Rice - 0

Ron Johnson - 4

Roy Purcell - 0

Aloysius Kling Sr - 0

Andrew Boustouler - 0 Points

David Earls - 4

Ed Blackburn - 4

Stuart Wilson - 4

Aldo Miccio - 0

James Breckenridge - 4

Robert Ciolek - 4

The Wargaming Society will be awarding a Second John Tiller Game!
We will be having a Second Drawing and award another JTS Game to tournament participants who complete at least 15 turns in all 3 Scenarios.... So Gentlemen remember to Battle On!

You will need to take a snapshot of the victory your games final turn...


Harry Haines - 0

Mike Stefanowicz - 0

Daniel Cote - 0

Duncan Rice - 0

Al Kling - 0

Roy Purcell - 0

Ron Johnson - 3

Robert Ciolek - 4

Stuart Wilson - 4

David Earls - 4

James Breckenridge - 4

Aldo Miccio - 4

Andrew Boustouler - 4

Ed Blackburn -1


Scoring is based on tournament points
earned for each battle:

Major Victory - 4 Points,
Minor Victory - 3 Points,
Draw - 2 Points,
Minor Defeat - 1 Point,
Major Defeat - 0 Points...

Points awarded will be totaled at the end of the tournament victory going to the Combatant & br Army with the most points..

Upon completion of each game, register
the game at: /battlerecords/battlereport.htm

This way you will get credit for battle and victory points for your ranking within your Army...

Game Points will be collected from your
registered games


If you would like to participate in the Moscow'42 Tournament and are not a member...
You can join the Wargaming Society and sign up for the tournament..
Checkout our Allies and Axis Armies and find a regiment you would like to command...
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