The purpose of this tournament is to provide a registered TWS event in which players can gather and engage each other in entertaining combat. It is intended to be a fun way for members to interact, meet other members who they may never have met, and strengthen the bonds between the officers across our society. Officers participating in this tournament are to conduct themselves with honor at all times, remaining respectful of their opponents and abiding by the rules outlined herein. This tournament is intended to be a fun, social event of learning and interaction among the fine officers that we have in TWS.


This tournament is designed simply to have fun. The tournament will consist of two rounds of play and possibly a third round. Opponent pairings will be determined by a roll of the dice for the first round.
Round 1: Players start at 0 points. Playing two mirror games. For each game result, players add a set amount of points based on their victory level: Major Victory=50, Minor Victory=40, Draw=30, Minor Defeat=20, and Major Defeat=10 points. Players who do not finish a game receive 0 points for that game and the winner gets 40 points for a Minor Victory. Giving points for Draws will make the tournament more competitive. While these points are used to determine the winner of the tournament, they will also be added to each officer’s overall Battle Points used for promotions within the ranks.

Round 2: The players for Round 2 will be divided into categories as follows: Players with 2 Victories (Major or Minor), Players with two Defeats (Major or Minor), Players with two Draws, Players with one Victory and one Draw or Defeat. If there is an odd number of players in any given category (i.e. three players in one category and five players in another), one player from each category will have to face a player from another category. In this event, the two players who are the closet in overall points will be paired against each other.  For example; In the first category, two players have 2 Major Victories (100 pts each), one player has a Major Victory and a Minor Victory (90 pts) and two players have 2 Minor Victories (80 pts) for a total of five players. In the second category, one player has 2 Minor Defeats (40 pts) and two players have 2 Major Defeats (20 pts each) for a total of three players. Randomly select one of the players with 80 pts and match them with the player who has 40 pts. This should make Round 2 more competitive,as well as reducing the likelihood of multiple players finishing with the same points.

Round 3 (if necessary): In the event multiple players finish with the same number of points after Round 2, those players will move on to Round 3 using the same concept as outlined above. If there are an odd number of players for Round 3, a surrogate player will be selected to serve as the opponent for the unpaired player. If multiple players from Round 3 are still tied, the actual scores from the final battle in Round three will be used to determine the winner. This only requires tracking the actual scores of the last battle of Round 3 if necessary. 

Each Round consist of two simultaneous played games. Each Combatant playing both sides of the Battlefield. This is the only way to make all things equal other than the players skill. Each game is scored seperately so win or loose tournament players will gain battle points.

Only the JTS/HPS (to be determined) will be used! Aloysius Kling Sr. will moderate the tournament. He will assign opponents and games. All questions and any disputes will be handled by the Moderator with all decisions rendered by the Tournament Moderator in such instances being final and binding to all parties.

Note: Tournament players must report a battle report to garner their victory points.


All battles will be played with the Fog of War option selected, the Slider Bar set to dead center, and the Optional Rules selected as follows:

Game Selection Tab below for Game & Scenario Selections


Round 1 of the tournament will start on September 18, 2017, and will end on November 20, 2017. Round 2 will start on November 23, 2017 and end on February 1, 2018. If Round 3 is needed, it will start on Februay 3, 2018 and end on April 8, 2018. The stated deadlines for each round must be met WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Any match results which are not submitted to the Tournament Moderator by the deadline for each round will not be scored for tournament purposes.


Aloysius Kling Sr


Each member who participates in the tournament will receive a tournament ribbon and bonus Battle Points based on their tournament scores. In addition, the Victor and Runner-up will each receive atournament medal. Participation is considered completing both Rounds 1 and 2. You do not have to finish the game to the last turn. If you feel that you have lost in the first few turns, feel free to tell your opponent that you surrender! Just remember that BOTH players must send an Email to the moderator informing him of the End Game Result.
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Victory Medals
Allied Army - Axis Army

Participation Ribbon

Battle's of World War II
Stalingrad 1942
An added bonus to one Allied
and one Axis Officer
with the most points for their Army.

Greetings to all non-members of the Wargaming Society.
If you are interested in participating in this tournament join us at
All are welcome to play games, make new friends and have fun!